Bring Out Your Dead

mod2One of the Bad Business Ideas® (BBI) on the June 6 episode with Shawn centered on 3D printing figurines of your deceased loved ones. There’s already at least one company in Japan doing this, and probably more out there.

This new venture won’t do that at all. What we’ll do is playfully (or hauntingly) place the figure around the home when the non-deceased peeps (N-DPs) aren’t home.

You come back, go to get a glass of lemonade, and boom, there’s Gamma under the sink where you keep your secret bottle of vodka.

You get into the shower, and there’s uncle Phil approvingly taking it all in.

You’re watching TV, maybe an old movie because you’re better than the other people out there who just mindlessly binge watch the latest thing on their streaming services and bleat about it the next day. And low and behold, who is slowly floating down on a tiny parachute that was lovingly attached by one of our associates? Why it’s your recently deceased wife Helena! What, you’re watching a movie with your new “friend” Cynthia? Helena is still here, literally falling from above? What’s the matter with you?

The figures aren’t huge, maybe four to six inches high. Not like life-sized or anything, that would be weird. And at that point, why not go to the taxidermist?

I call the new company, “Bring Out Your Dead.” Kickstarter to come.


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