The best Bad Business Ideas® of June

A recurring segment on TACD, Bad Business Ideas® are like Shark Tank meets Chopped, with a little bit of Lost thrown in for good measure. Guests are presented with two or three BBIs and they have to help improve the concept and pick a winner for that week.

In addition, Guests on the show are expected to invest in the product or service that they pick, and by tuning into the show, listeners are automatically enrolled in a non-disclosure agreement. Because that’s my understanding of how legal things work.

The Winners

On May 23, Marc was 100% behind the Kickstarter for conspiracy theories BBI. Because conspiracy theories will never go out of style.

1DHX1JVT3CDuring the June 6 show, Shawn really liked the BBI where we provide a slight haunting service. For people who choose to get a 3-D print of a recently deceased loved one, we would move the figure around their house when they aren’t around. It feels like they are still there!

The June 13 show didn’t record (and it was amazing!), but Shannon’s pick was a BBI called Coffriends:

Grave robbing is bad. Many of us agree to that. What about grave borrowing? How do you really know what your deceased friend or loved one is going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes, in the ground? We would offer a service where you could share their last journey. Not the band. Unless they die. It’s called Coffriends. Tagline? Find your final besting place.

The Losers

Marc wasn’t into an idea that sounded like a plot from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I’m not sure why.

Shawn really hated homeless vouchers (think skee-ball tickets that you trade in for food and booze) and police interviews at home and work:

House call police interviews. Do you have a problem with someone? Need to find something out from your spouse, kid, or coworker? Hire an off-duty/retired police officer to interview them. Interview with extreme prejudice. But not that extreme. And prejudice is a bad word. It’ll be harsh though.

Shannon liked both ideas, but ultimately had to choose one to invest in. This is the one that she didn’t choose:

SAKL1LQWRISitting is the new smoking. Standing while working is where it’s at. Eventually standing will be the new alcoholism (if it isn’t already). What’s next to keep you healthy while at work? Smoking? Maybe! But actually, it’s lying down. The lying down desk allows you to never get out of bed and work 24-7. Employees love it! Working 9 to 9. Hibernation meets production. Hiberduction.

The Others

Since my guest on June 27, Julian Chambliss, is a professor at Rollins College and a big comic book fan, I pitched him two higher education ideas and one comic book idea. He was nonchalantly super impressed with all three. Here’s the comic in a nutshell:

The next historical super team: The Greek Philosophers. Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristotle, Democritus, Plato, Pyrrho. Enemies: Other philosophers like Confucius? Politicians? Time travel? I wonder what the Greek word for philosopher is?

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