Podcasts, To a Certain Degree

Julian Chambliss

Julian Chambliss was on the show! He’s a fantastic guest, and a super-smart dude. We cover a lot of ground in our too short time together. Listen to the whole show, or jump to one of the topics below.

5:10 – Julian plays Batman or Robin. Unsurprisingly, we get into whether Robin is any good.

8:38 – GoT turns into a discussion on knights.

11:02 – Nick is intimidated by history. And Europe. And a lot of things.

17:15 – The dangers of romanticizing the past. Gross.

21:15 – The right way to time travel. Also Chrononauts.

26:12 – Julian’s favorite bands and consuming music while working.

31:25 – How Julian gets ready to write.

35:22 – Julian’s next project: Dr. Who as a working class superhero. Also, Brexit!

40:20 – Batman or Robin again. Man, Julian really likes Robin.

46:01 – Pop culture updates! Lucas museum, Justice League movie, John Boyega. Seriously George, let us host the museum, Orlando is great!

54:25 – Normally, bad business ideas. Instead, kind of dicey higher ed ideas!

1:01:22 – Comic book pitch! A super team of historical figures. From Greece. The ancient one!

1:07:50 – Getting into Civil War II from Marvel Comics. RIP Rhodey.


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