Ascots for Mascots

I’m pretty lucky to work with students who want to attend Rollins College. Regardless of your take on the liberal arts experience, pro or con, it’s an institution I’ve gotten to know intimately over the last five years, and I believe in it.

It’s also interesting to work at a place with a rich history of traditions ranging from its mascot (a sailor, AKA Tar) to Fox Day (a spring break after spring break). The nautical and fox themes are favorites of students, grads, staff and faculty, and i find myself constantly buying new paraphernalia. Here are a few recent finds that I liked (this is NOT sponsored content, I just really like it).

Now that’s what I call a Tar!
I guess the downside is this would need to be zipped up all the time.
I want this as a tattoo. Glow in the dark, please!

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