Time isn’t on your side

Doing radio, you have to deal with a lot of tropes to keep dead air from happening. What if scenarios, improv games, bits, gags, etc. You have to fill time and keep the other people on the show alive. It’s a lot like being a parent, but more fulfilling!

One of my least favorites is from the what if category: What era would you want to live in? Second least favorite: Dinner with anyone, alive or dead. My answer to the former question is always the same: The future.

I have a hard time with the past. Not a hard time, exactly. I like to read about it, I like to watch movies from and about the past. I just don’t romanticize it at all. I don’t want to be there, and the present is kind of blah. Give me what isn’t written yet.

I recently read an article about a couple trying to relive the Victorian age. At least, maybe that’s what they were doing. I found the article as boring as the Victorian age and fell asleep in the middle.

Warren Ellis, in his Transmetropolitan series, had an interesting take on how people from the future would handle archiving the past. In his cyberpunk-ish world, citizens volunteer to live their lives out on reservations dedicated to and perfectly mirroring the elder civilizations. Of course, to do this properly, they’d have to have their minds wiped.

They say that’s to keep it authentic. I think it’s so they wouldn’t run away screaming.  Hang on Voltaire indeed.

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